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Your language learning experience will now turn into a wonderful adventure with 100 Turkish-Hungarian word cards!

Each card contains the Turkish word indicated with bold letters on a white background alongside its Hungarian counterpart with bold letters and an example sentence with green stripes.

Perfect for Hungarian private lessons, group classes, and individual study, these cards will help you reach your goals faster and more effectively.


Favorite Hungarian Courses

Hungarian Group Classes

Our course aims to improve the student's Hungarian reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Our group lessons are held online. Lessons include interactive activities, examples and practical exercises to help the student improve their Hungarian language skills.

Hungarian Private Classes

Our private classes can be online or face-to-face according to the student's request. It is designed in accordance with the needs and level of the student and offers a personalized learning experience. The teachers focus on the student's strengths and weaknesses and plan the lessons accordingly. In this way, the student can progress faster and learn the language more effectively.

Professional Oral Interpretation Service

The world is becoming more global each day and the need for communication in different languages is increasing. This is where our interpreting service comes into play. Our interpreters help you overcome language barriers by providing you with real-time translation support.

Our professional interpreters accompany you for the instant translation service you need in your events, meetings, conferences or other business events. By overcoming language and cultural differences, we establish a correct communication bridge and ensure understanding and cooperation among the participants.

The translators we work with in our interpreting service are carefully selected for their language skills and expertise. By identifying the most suitable translator for you, we fully adapt to the requirements of your event.

Customer satisfaction and safety is our priority. We protect privacy in all your activities and do not share your information with third parties.

Contact us now and increase the success of your business with effective interpreting services. We are happy to offer you tailor-made solutions and help you overcome language barriers.

Hungarian Classes For Business Partners

As Magyarul Tanitunk, we are happy to offer Hungarian lessons customized to your company’s needs. The importance of effective communication in the business world is increasing day by day. The ability to speak different languages ​​is critical in order to establish stronger bonds with your customers, business partners and suppliers, expand into new markets and compete globally.

Hungarian is considered as an important language in Central Europe and provides a great advantage for companies doing business in this region. Since each company’s needs are different, we tailor our programs to you. Hungarian lessons are organized by our expert teachers and offer a customized learning experience.

Please contact us to create a Hungarian language course tailored to your company’s needs. We look forward to offering you the most suitable solution.

What do our students say?

I have successfully completed a series of intensive Hungarian lessons and the experience has been incredibly rewarding for sure. I am proud to have gained a lot of new information in a short time. Compared to other courses, I can definitely say that private Hungarian lessons are better here.

Mustafa K.

Ericsson Hungary

I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Hungarian because my experience has been great and the teachers do their best to maximize their students' potential.

Sima M.


The lessons were dynamic and productive with our teacher Ozan. The lessons were handled beautifully by following the textbooks with Magyarul Tanitunk's professional approach.

Arda A.


My twin children learned Hungarian very well thanks to Koray. He followed a very successful and careful way of language teaching. We are very happy to take lessons from Magyarul Tanitunk and we continue the lessons.

Pelin A.

Our Teachers

Ozan Kılıç

Hungarian Teacher

Koray Adıgüzel

Hungarian Teacher

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