Hungarian Group Classes

The aim of this course is to provide you with the necessary grammar and vocabulary to be able to speak Hungarian language. Our lessons will include interactive activities, examples and practical exercises to help you improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.Classes will be taught in the native language of student.(For example, American student will have Hungarian classes with an English speaking teacher or a Turkish student will have Hungarian clasess with a Turkish speaking teacher.)

Learning Hungarian language is important for those who want to travel to Hungary or live in Hungary for work, education, tourism or personal reasons. Also, learning Hungarian can help you communicate and better understand different cultures. Language learning opens the mind, increases brain functions and improves the thought process. Language learning is also beneficial for personal growth and self-confidence. Learning Hungarian with a teacher who speaks the native language of the student will increase your understanding and improve your language skills, helping you access more opportunities and open up to the world. We will be happy to teach you throughout the course.

8 weeks, 24 hours

Clasess Levels:

A1 – A2 – B1


5-8 person group 55.000 HUF

2-4 person group 75.000 HUF

Classes Platform: Zoom