Hungarian Classes For Business Partners

As Magyarul Tanitunk, we are happy to offer Hungarian lessons customized to your company’s needs. The importance of effective communication in the business world is increasing day by day. The ability to speak different languages is critical in building stronger bonds with your customers, business partners and suppliers, expanding into new markets and competing globally.

Hungarian is considered an important language in Central Europe and provides a great advantage for companies doing business in this region. Since each company’s needs are different, we tailor our programs to you. Hungarian lessons are organized by our expert teachers and offer a customized learning experience.

Please contact us to create a Hungarian curriculum tailored to your company’s needs. We look forward to offering you the most suitable solution.


Our interpreters help you overcome language barriers by providing you with real-time translation support.

Our professional interpreters accompany you for the instant translation service you need in your events, meetings, conferences or other business events. By overcoming language and cultural differences, we establish a correct communication bridge and ensure understanding and cooperation among the participants.

Customer satisfaction and safety is our priority. We protect privacy in all your activities and do not share your information with third parties.

Contact us now and increase the success of your business with effective interpreting service. We are happy to offer you tailor-made solutions and help you overcome language barriers. 

Contact us for the details!